How to create a support ticket with the web interface?


Point your browser to the servicedesk webui url
Once logged to the portal you can click on the "Green +" at the bottom of the left panel close to your avatar icon.

You can also use directly this url


The subject field should only be used for a brief description (one sentence) of the issue. (Formatting is not possible.)
You can add a priority keyword like [low,normal,high,urgent]
  • Low  (Question, unknown message)
  • Normal  (Verification restore job not working, unexplained error messages)
  • High (Backup not working, Director crashing, ...)
  • Urgent (Important restore not working)

Text Area

In text area we ask you to provide a detailed problem description.
  • Component
  • Version
  • Step to reproduce
  • Configuration used
Use our shell script to gather useful information for a support case.

Please use the "select attachment" option to attach the result of, additional configuration files, log files or screenshots to the ticket.

Basic formatting should be preserved when you paste from rich editors. You can also apply some with following keyboard shortcuts see


Once you create the ticket, it will appear on the left side bar, a confirmation email is sent to your email address (be sure to have in your white list to avoid them classified as spam)

    > Your request (Ticket#75025) has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff.
    > To provide additional information, please reply to this email or click on the following link (for initial login, please request a new password):[1] 
    > Your Bareos Servicedesk Team
All people from the same organisation will be able to see the ticket. You can add information with the webui or by replying to the email.