How to create a support ticket with email?


A support ticket can be created by sending an email to

The subject field should only be used for a brief description (one sentence) of the issue. (Formatting is not possible.)
You can add a priority keyword like [low,normal,high,urgent]
  • Low  (Question, unknown message)
  • Normal  (Verification restore job not working, unexplained error messages)
  • High (Backup not working, Director crashing, ...)
  • Urgent (Important restore not working)

Body message

In the mail body we ask you to provide a detailed problem description.
  • Component
  • Version
  • Step to reproduce
  • Configuration used
Use our shell script to gather useful information for a support case.

Please use the "select attachment" option to attach the result of, additional configuration files, log files or screenshots to the ticket.


Once your email receive you will get a confirmation email sent back to your email adresse (be sure to have in your white list to avoid them classified as spam)

    > Your request (Ticket#75025) has been received and will be reviewed by our support staff.
    > To provide additional information, please reply to this email or click on the following link (for initial login, please request a new password):[1] >
    > Your Bareos Servicedesk Team
All people from the same organisation will be able to see the ticket. You can add information with the webui or by replying to the email.