Login to https://servicedesk.bareos.com

To login to https://servicedesk.bareos.com you need a active Bareos support contract, see https://www.bareos.com/product/support/
A Bareos subscription is required for a Bareos support contract.
When purchasing a support contract, you/your organisation will be asked to provide a number of personal email addresses that will receive access to https://servicedesk.bareos.com. These email addresses will receive an invitation email from Bareos.

If you have used https://servicedesk.bareos.com before but forgotten your password, you can reset it on https://servicedesk.bareos.com/#password_reset

For changing the users given access to https://servicedesk.bareos.com please contact us via sales@bareos.com

Please mind, that the https://servicedesk.bareos.com accounts are different to the Bareos subscription repositories (https://download.bareos.com) credentials.