How to get credentials for the Bareos subscription repositories (

A valid Bareos subscription is required to access the Bareos subscription repositories at
Please see for details or contact

Bareos subscription access credentials consists of a valid email address and a password.

During the ordering process you will be asked to provide an email address of a least one (functional) user.
When the order is processed, an email will be sent to this address, containing the password for accessing the Bareos subscription repositories.

With this you will have full access to

Password Management

It is recommended to change the password after receiving it via email.

To change the password, login to The menu on the top right contains the item "Change Password".
It is advised to use use alpha-numerical characters only, because some distributions do not support special characters in passwords for repository access.
Without login you can reset your password using "Forgot password?" on

In case you have multiple Bareos subscription agreements (hosting or service provider), every Bareos subscription agreement have to use its own email address.