How to use the status subscriptions command?


In case you have (or want) a service contract for Bareos, the command status subscriptions can help you to keep the overview over the subscriptions that are used.
It will compute how much Bareos backup unit is needed including optional component like db, vm and filer units.
This article describes how to generate a subscriptions-report.txt file and what do do with it.

Bareos version >= 21 

The bconsole command status subscription can be used to estimate subscription units.  See detailed usage on documentation page.
To generate a file report subscription-report.txt from the bconsole you can apply the following procedure:
bconsole <<< "@out /var/tmp/subscriptions-report.txt
status subscriptions detail
status subscriptions unknown

Bareos version < 21

For any previous version, the usage of a dedicated tool called `` is needed.

Bareos is a script tool which will create two views into the database and will add several queries inside the configured query file of your director.
It will run those queries against your catalog, and will compute how much Bareos backup unit is needed including optional component like db, vm, filer units.
You can get the tool with the following procedure:

Download the script to your Bareos director, make it executable, and run it as root.
(extended privileges are needed to be able to add the required queries to /usr/lib/bareos/script/query.sql file)

curl -O /var/tmp/
chmod 750 /var/tmp/
sudo /var/tmp/
The report file will be generated as file /var/tmp/subscriptions-report.txt.

Contact your Bareos sales representative

The report generated with both approaches is identical (at least very similar).
Transfer the resulting report file (/var/tmp/subscriptions-report.txt) as email attachment to your Bareos representative (your Bareos partner or if you have ordered directly from the Bareos company).